How It Works

How It Works

Put the Attesh Sand into a container that you like. It is best to use a fireproof container, but if you choose something else, make sure it is big enough to hold the melted wax and won't get too hot while burning. It should be at least 4 inches wide and high. It's also important to check that it isn't heating up too much during use.

proper usage of attesh sand candles

Insert the wick into the Attesh Sand making sure that the tip sticks out and that there is a distance of at least 2" around it. If you're using a larger container or a shorter one, you can also use multiple wicks or cut the wicks to a desired length.

Light your Attesh Sand Candle and have some fun with it! Get creative and accessorize it with something special. If you post a picture or video of it on social media using #Atteshscandles or find us on Instagram @Attesh_am, you could get featured on our social media pages! Enjoy!

Attesh Sand Candles are much safer than traditional candles when used correctly. To ensure safety, keep the wick away from the container edge and bottom. In the event that the candle is left burning, the flame will self-extinguish as soon as it reaches the end of the wick without heating up the vessel. Similarly, the candle will put itself out if it is accidentally knocked over. You don’t have to worry about testing this yourself, we did it all for you!


You can add scent to our scent-free product by dropping compatible Essential Oils close to the wick BEFORE lighting it; however, this should be done at your own discretion. We do not recommend adding essential oils or other fragrance oils to a candle that is already burning. All modifications to the candle, such as colors and scents, are the responsibility of the user.

It's REAL FIRE, please review and follow safety instructions included on the bag. Use responsibly and at your own risk!