Collection: Gift Packages

Introducing Our Gift Packages:

🌸 Deluxe Package:

  1. Attesh Sand 24 Ounces
  2. 9 3/4 Footed Frosted Ruby Vase
  3. 2 Bottles of Essential Oils

Deluxe Package, thoughtfully curated to enchant and inspire. Elevate your senses and surround yourself with beauty and tranquility with a 24 oz Bag of Attesh Sand Candle and 9 3/4" Footed Frosted Ruby Vase, adding two bottles of 100% Organic Uncut Essential Oils 

🌷 Starter Package:

  1. Attesh Sand 8 Ounces
  2. Glass Double Wall Heart-Shaped Tea Cups
  3. 1 Bottle of Essential Oils

Treat someone you love to a truly special experience with our exclusive Special Starter Package, carefully curated to delight and inspire. Embrace moments of serenity and elegance with the perfect combination of the Attesh Sand Candle 8 oz, Glass Double Wall Heart-Shaped Tea Cups, and one bottle of essential oil.